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Foreword by Seb Earl

The book was first published in French where it sold over 25.000 copies

In October 2017, I first published my first novel in French: Parce que la vie est ainsi. I was surprised to see how well it was received. Many readers contacted me on Facebook and left me very inspiring messages… Translating my own work allowed me to play a little with the text. I kept the same premises and all in all the same story arc, but I tweaked the text in places. Maybe the English novel is a more mature version than the French one. If you read in both languages, please forgive me for offering here a novel that is somewhat adapted rather than a direct translation. This is why the cover and the title are changed. I have also adopted a new name, as a homage to my wife who has supported me throughout my young writing career. Neither novel would exist without her. I hope you enjoy this first novel. Please come and visit my facebook page as well, and leave me a comment or message.

Book Information

  • ISBN: 978-1-911538-09-7
  • Paperback: 295 pages
  • Digital eBook: 142 pages
  • Published: 22nd Nov 2018
  • Available in: Paperback, eBook, PDF
  • Audiobook: Available on Audible
  • Publisher: Dux Publishing

The Author

Seb fell in love with books aged 14 and promised himself that one day he’d write a novel.

39 years later…

Seb was born in France where he studied and started working in computer science. After completing the mandatory military service, he forged the plan to move to the UK and finally did so in 2003, settling in London and working there ever since. Life changes such as meeting his wife and the following year losing his dad to the big C made him realise that he had let his creativity dwindle through the years. Supported at every step by his lovely wife, he finally published his first novel in France in 2017 and went on to translate and adapt it to English.

Through his writing, Seb explores with compassion and realism some of the challenges that life can throw at us.

Seb and his wife now live in Salisbury with their several cats.

Seb loves to hear from his readers on facebook.com/seb.earl.author/ and his website seb-earl.com